#17: SUV for '96 by Kevin McCauley

• Non-holiday wreaths?

• Kevin's third flat tire in a year

• Chris is now Rennshiftin' the 915 in his Carrera

• Leather shift boots (Chris uses the term "flesh bag," we apologize for this lapse in judgement

• Jaguar XK140

• Amati

• Continental "coach doors"

• SUVs: what are they?

• The 2019 M-B G-Class is like the retro Ford Thunderbird

Jalopnik's in-depth story about Amati

Amazing youngtimers 80s and 90s car collection for auction

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#15: Cyber Monday Edition by Kevin McCauley

Chris’s growing list of Carrera projects, a deep, deep, deep dive about 911 interior dials and controls (sorry), and what was the point of ‘90s aftermarket radio head units? Chris and Kevin also talk about their upcoming Radwood LA trip.

#14: New for …'86!? by Kevin McCauley

Chris and Kevin talk about Porsches in this episode! Kevin drives a 24 hour Lemons, Chris buys a car, and we met a fan. The audio quality improves after the first few minutes, the content, unfortunately, does not.

#12: For Fuchs Sake by Kevin McCauley

Chris is shopping for an air-cooled 911 (a sadist's task), Kevin talks BMW i3, they discuss new iPhones for some reason (New For Ninety-X?), and there's a giveaway announced!

#4: New for [E]91! by Kevin McCauley

• Chris’s New For 2011! E91

• Chris’s repairs

• Kevin's Prius repairs (sorry)

• Chris’ garage situation

• E34 LCI by popular demand — correction about 535i 

• Note about the E34 kidneys: Initially, the V8 models were differentiated by the wide grills (until 1994, when the wide grills became available on other models)


• 1980 Volvo Line brochure 

• 1981-1986 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo leaflet thing

1982 911 SC on Bring a Trailer

• Sugar Scoops 

• 85 mph Speedometers

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#3: New for 96? by Kevin McCauley

Fuchs, Paint To Sample (PTS), and a new studio setup to make it slightly more listenable!


– 1998 Rosso Ferrari Magazine

– BMW 318ti brochure