#12: For Fuchs Sake by Kevin McCauley

Chris is shopping for an air-cooled 911 (a sadist's task), Kevin talks BMW i3, they discuss new iPhones for some reason (New For Ninety-X?), and there's a giveaway announced!

#5: This American Life Cycle Impulse with Daniel Sloan by Kevin McCauley

Daniel’s High mile philosophy versus the typical low-mile enthusiast hypocrisy

Hot Cars IMP binder set, similar to Columbia House records



We explain Life Cycle Impulse™ again

#4: New for [E]91! by Kevin McCauley

– Chris’s New For 2011! E91

– Chris’s repairs

– Kevin's Prius repairs (sorry)

– Chris’ garage situation

– E34 LCI by popular demand — correction about 535i 

– Note about the E34 kidneys: Initially, the V8 models were differentiated by the wide grills (until 1994, when the wide grills became available on other models)

Periodicals Segment

– 1980 Volvo Line brochure 

– 1981-1986 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo leaflet thing

1982 911 SC on Bring a Trailer


– Sugar Scoops 

– 85 mph Speedos


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